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This is the website of CRiPSI (Centro per il Riciclaggio della Plastica della Svizzera Italiana).

CRiPSI won the Innovate4Climate challenge in Zurich last 5th of december! The challenge was organized by WWF, Climate-KIC and Impact Hub and CRiPSI is now going to participate in the Accelerator Program.


Mission statement

Recycling plastic is a must for modern society. Recycling of plastic saves on average about 2.5 kg of CO2 per kg of plastic. With CRiPSI, we could initially recycle 2’800 tons of plastic per year, which means 7’000 tons of CO2 less per year, without counting dioxin and other pollutants. Then we could gradually increase recycling, by building other recycling lines. We are planning to build recycling plants in the Italian part of Switzerland and abroad, for instance in Montenegro, then Africa, and more precisely, we want to start in Benin.

Working at CRiPSI means contributing to the protection of the environment and is thus a task which is very important for society.

Profits will serve for growth and for stakeholders, who might be interested in investing in other plants elsewhere.

Help reduce CO2 and improve air quality: think global, act local!

CRiPSI needs your help to start recycling plastic. This is a perfect opportunity for you to think global and act local: reducing CO2, dioxin and other pollutants is a goal humankind has set as a global concern and a survival condition. In order to avoid climate change we need to reduce greenhouse gases and air quality has to be improved for health and biodiversity.
Helping CRiPSI build a plastic recycling plant in Benin, which acts locally, you give a global contribution to the protection of the environment and the avoidance of climate change.